From Your Local Library

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After receiving a troubling email that the library card I have had since I was five-years-old would expire in two weeks, I promptly headed to my local library upon my return to the U.S.

I found that not much had changed there at all. Same ladies working behind the desk, same old computers, same old carpets I had curled up on as a child, finding, searching, and exploring hundreds of books.

I remember when I was little I would get fixated upon the stories I knew, thinking that memorizing was just like reading, and I wanted to keep doing it. I think I had Stone Soup and Stan Stan the Hotdog Man, in my possession for the better part of a year. I grew up in this library, and though it is tiny (there is only one shelf, double sided, of non-fiction books!), it is quaint and homey to me.

Some of my all time favorite books were borrowed from this place, and I will always be thankful for the days I spent here. So as the summer begins, I have decided to start tackling my extensive reading list. Everytime I stumble upon an article, or get a book recommendation, or hear about a new author, or even just remember a classic I never got a chance to tackle, I add it to my list.

Today’s bounty from the local library:

– This Is How you Lose Her – Junot Díaz

– Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert

– Tinkers – Paul Harding

What books are on your summer reading list? Why not save a few bucks, head to your local library, and take them out, the old fashioned way!


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