Rowling’s Cuckoo Magic

Title: Cuckoo’s CallingĀ Cuckoo

Author: Robert Galbraith

Revelation: The famous J.K. Rowling is actually the author

Consensus: Are we amused or betrayed?

Rowling’s ruse on the world, left many stunned. But what’s not shocking at all? The reveal led to increased sales on a novel that was doing mediocre at best for author “Robert Galbraith.”

This makes one question, is the novel any good? Was it doing less than spectacularly because the writing wasn’t up to par, or because no one knew, or really cared, who Robert Galbraith was?

There is no doubt that attaching the name “Rowling” to anything will instantly boost its popularity, and for good reason. After the Potter series, don’t we all place an unreasonable amount of pressure on Rowling?

But why would Rowling choose this moment to adopt a pen name? Was she trying to see if she could make it without her own famous credentials bolstering sales? If so, why admit that she was actually Galbraith? Was this Rowling’s way of challenging herself? Or was it all just a media stunt?

No matter the motive, will you be picking up “The Cuckoo’s Calling” this summer? I sure will. Already read it? Let me know what you think about it in the Comments section below!


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