I’m Judging You…and Your Book too

Sheep Meadow



I’m judging you, not so secretly, as you lay on the perfect grass of the Central Park Sheep Meadow, book in hand, blocking my view of your face.

It is David Sedaris’ latest, “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls,” and I am overjoyed that I spotted it. I have been dying to pick it up, and instinctively know that we would be kindred spirits.

What I don’t know, is everything else. Maybe you hate the book – maybe you have to read it for school – maybe you lost a bet – maybe you don’t think he’s funny but promised a girlfriend you would finish it – but this is not what I am thinking. You are laying in the summertime grass reading David Sedaris, and hey I like him too. Let’s be friends.

I bet we’d be friends. Books help us form bonds, both real and imagined. And when wandering around a city as large and diverse as New York, sometimes it’s nice to remember, that we are all bonded together.


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