Getting Away

I’ve been away for the past few days, finally on vacation for the summer… And though my writing has slowed wandersignificantly between beach trips, shopping downtown, cocktails on the beach, and running around with my nieces and nephews, I have carved out a lot more time for my reading.

I am enjoying sinking into my books, and being inspired by lots of different writers. My sister and I were talking about the difficulty of finding a good “beach read,” that is both entertaining, light, and a page turner, but that doesn’t make your brain actually melt.

A friend sent me a book as a gift – Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves – and I instantly fell in love. Even though I just returned from my first real international adventure, this book has me itching to embark on my next adventure. Each page of this travel memoir speaks with a beauty, and an eagerness about the need, love, and desire to be lost in a new place.

As I strolled through Yellow Umbrella Bookstore yesterday, one of my favorites on Cape Cod, I wandered into the travel section, dreaming up where my next destination would be. Though I don’t have any travel planned in my immediate future, aside from heading back to school in Boston, at least I will have my books to take me away to the places I still only dream of.

So whether you have your own serious case of wanderlust, or are just looking for a great new beach read, this is the book for you. Let yourself be taken away, and enjoy all that books can do for us.


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