“It was enchanting to meet you”

I did in fact just quote a Taylor Swift song in the title of this post, and I was an unashamed fan in high school. I still find myself turning to Ms. Swift every now and then for some musical comfort and nostalgia. Taylor Swift Speak Now - Pittsburgh

But the point here isn’t Taylor, but being enchanted. I haven’t updated this blog in so long, because to be honest, my life has become more hectic than ever. A fiction workshop has taken over my writing life these days, along with my own personal reflections, newspaper columns, and article writing, and the occasional hour or two of sleep.

As Alice Munro once said, “A story is a spell.” I have found myself heavily under the spell of fiction writing this semester. This is my first time really dappling in the genre in a real, committed way, and it has presented so many unique challenges that nonfiction writing hasn’t.

This workshop is like being in a new relationship, and has taken up so much of my time (that I have loved spending). I work with my various characters every day – and sometimes I love them, and sometimes I really hate them. Sometimes I get so annoyed with them, and their inability to do what I need them to do, that they get abandoned for weeks at a time.

AliceMunroBecause I am up in workshop this week, for the second time this semester, I am sure it will prove to be another crazy, enchanting week spent in front of my laptop furiously banging out gawky, awkward sentences in the hopes that among the rubble, something beautiful might appear.

Do you find yourself becoming distracted by your own writing projects? Have any words of encouragement? Or helpful hints? Share!

(And in case you wanted a reminder of why Taylor Swift was so great back in the day, you can watch ‘Enchanted,’ I won’t tell!)


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