The Rules of Writing


What are your writing rules?

I feel like for me, there isn’t a consistent list. Although, I do love to read what writers have to say about their own rules and processes. For me, I think the number one thing is what my poetry professor, Suzanne Matson calls, “showing up for work.” Even when you don’t feel like writing, or want to write, just getting in the habit of allotting time, and really using it.

Like muscle memory, your body will respond to the practice of quieting down, centering, and preparing to begin the endeavor at hand.

What time of day do you like to write? Do you show up everyday?


One thought on “The Rules of Writing

  1. Love this topic, and love your take on “showing up” because it’s so important to be consistent. Since I’m someone who has been keeping journals since I was 14, I can honestly say my practice has changed a lot over the years. In high school, I loved writing after school when I had the house to myself because my parents were both working and my “highlights” from the day were still fresh (some of which are utterly embarrassing to reread…shoutout to teen CMQ). I have to say though that I have always been most fond of writing before bed. There’s something special about being at the end of the day that I’ve always felt gives me the best perspective. It provides a good point in the day to focus on everything that’s been wonderful and is deserving of thanks. Also, writing about the things that would keep me up thinking usually helps me sleep better! =) So glad you’re writing on here more regularly again! Keep it up. xo

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