This year was pretty well planned out – head to Sweden, work from home this summer, back to BC in the fall, home for Christmas. But the next year of my life, is not so well plotted on the Cartesian plan. While terrifying, it is also exciting to think that I do not know where I will be a year from now, or what I will be doing a year from now. It is all a great mystery to me.

Preparation for my post-grad life has been very painful, mostly because of the realization that I will no longer be living at BC with my friends, but also because of the dreaded GRE. Studying for this graduate exam did not consume as much of my time as it probably should have, but I did have a 20-page paper on Yusef Komunyakaa to compose so I had my hands full at my laptop for days.


I downloaded a great app from Magoosh to help me with vocab (I wish I had this while studying for my SAT). It made learning, relearning, memorizing, and refreshing my vocab skills easy and fun. I would often flip through a couple words before bed at night, and then again in the morning. I like rituals, and this one worked for me.

It was exciting to master new words, and refine definitions of old standbys. I came to realize that my everyday reading life had already enriched my vocab, but that there was still so much room for improvement. My days at BC may be numbered, and my future uncertain, but I do know that my relationship with words will be long lasting.

Want to test your own word knowledge?

Define the following:

–  feckless

– arrant

– byzantine

– vicissitude

Now that my GRE is behind me, I think I will keep the Magoosh app to always stay on top of my vocabulary.


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