Writing Resolutions

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 1.25.53 PMWhat are your writing resolutions for 2014?

One of my most important 2014 resolutions, is to write free. I have spent so much time stressing about my writing during these past few months, that I have not done nearly enough. Even a simple journal entry needs to be crafted, and complete, and if there isn’t time to delve into every emotion, thought, or nuance of my day, why bother recording it at all? This has been my general attitude about all aspects of my life. 

I encountered the same issues in my creative writing class as well. If it isn’t going to be a Hemingway short story right off the bat, don’t even begin in. The need for perfection, I have finally begun to see, is so crippling to creativity, and even just simply action. Perfection is strangling my work.

A loosely translated quote by Voltaire says, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” I stuck it on my desk, and on my mirror, and it is always in my line of sight in my workspace now. Just begin. Just get started. What’s the worst that can happen? You could scrap the entire piece? Oh well! Starting something is a sign of strength, and the pursuit of perfection will not lead to success. In 2014 I vow to remind myself of this constantly. Perfect isn’t the goal. Creativity is.

What are your resolutions? I would love if you shared them with me!


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