New Age Journalism

It’s a constant battle I fight. Trying to prove that writing is not a dying art, or that it is still a viable career in this day in age, where every other Craigslist post is looking for free bloggers. As the times change, we as writers must adapt as well. If we look at this as a negative thing, we will never be happy, and will continually yearn for the past.

Rather, why not take this opportunity to rethink what writing or journalism means? Now is the time to be creative and to have some fun with your craft. This is exactly what the Boston Globe has done with their full length feature piece:

“The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev”

This piece took 5 months of research, and is a beautifully crafted online reading experience. It is a picture of what journalism today can look like at its best. Interspersed with photos, drawings, and videos, the story comes to life, and keeps the reader engaged and reading through its many parts. It is organized in an easy to follow and appealing way, and is far easier to navigate and manage than any print newspaper I have ever battled with. It is stories like these, bursting with creativity, that give me hope for the future.

What online pieces caught your eye recently?


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