Diverging Drafts

So I never got around to writing that poem based on the female stock photos – instead I have been obsessed with working on numerous drafts of a poem based on the photo – “The Falling Man.”

It’s an iconic image I stumbled upon years ago at the time of 9/11 and read an article about for a magazine writing class that was incredible (Found here).

It’s one of those haunting images that I just knew I had to write about. I feel so connected to it, that the pressure to get the poem just right has been driving me nearly insane. After a few drafts, this is where I am… I am sure I will completely rework it. More to come, Hope you enjoy! Share your thoughts below!

The Falling Man: 9:41:15 am.   falling-man

It’s like you slipped amongst two stones
and lost your balance somewhere
between the murky well water
and the sky reflected in it.
Surely, you hadn’t meant to fall.

I know because I caught you
looking lost in your descent
and when I stilled you
for a moment in my mind’s eye
it was as if I could have fixed you –

turned you right side up
parallel, vertical, parallel and proper.
The jaunty angle of your legs
meant skipping rather than slipping,
or jumping, into eternity.


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