What is the SWUG life you may ask? Check out this week’s fashion column to find out!



One thought on “SWUG Life

  1. I died reading this – you have a way with words, Therese.

    Also, as I sit here in my office typing, wearing none other than the Uggs I got in 7th grade (that I recently revived alongside my high school pair), I would like to point out that if you decide to work in a startup environment, the swug life can actually continue. Interestingly, I get less dressed for work than I did for class at BC…because honestly, the only people that will be seeing me today are my boss and her husband. The outfits I used to carefully put together to impress the masses of coeds I would pass on my way to class have been forgone in favor of what’s most comfortable to sit in at my computer for eight hours a day. Viva la leggings.

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