Potential Inspiration

More photo inspiration continuing! Below is one of my favorite images, it is currently my desktop background. This picture inspired my poem, “Potential” which I shared last week at an on-campus event for the all-female literary journal Laughing Medusa. The night was entitled, Cadence and Caffeine and many different artists on campus shared their music, paintings, poems, and stories. It was definitely a nerve-wracking experience, but I am glad I did it. Something else to cross off the bucket list! I hope you enjoy the poem and the picture! Share your own photo-inspired work with me below!



We’ll break you, crack you,
fry you. We’ll poach you
and your family too.
A blistered eyeball, bashed
open, cooking on the pavement.
Sunny starlight, shaped like Texas,
mustard goose egg flanked by
wily whites escaping every which way
from hen ovaries
to breakfast plates.
All that energy from potential
bird to daily meal.
All the possibilities of a morning
protected by a weak shell,
before you’ve opened the mail,
taken the rejection letters and
thrown them into the trash.
Dead potential – life no more.
Before the sun’s yolk
has been broken
before the day’s yoke
has taken you down.


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