Sunday Night Inspiration

Happy Sunday night! What a wonderful time to refresh, recharge, and get organized for your week. I love the idea of really thinking about Sunday as the first day of the week, rather than putting all of the emphasis on Monday morning. Rather than having to struggle with the weekend ending, as we all do, Sunday becomes a beautiful entryway into the week. imageI love quiet Sundays where I have time to plan, dream, and create. Here’s a snapshot of my Sunday night, what do you have going on?

Right now I’m thinking about my different notebooks, a few of them are pictured above. They all serve different purposes, calendaring, planning, writing down login info and to-do lists, writing snippets of stories, poems, dialogue. I often find myself being too rigid about it. Telling myself, “You need to journal here and write that to-do list here.” While I always need more organization in my life and work on it constantly, I think with writing it’s beneficial to give yourself some freedom. You might forget where your grocery list is written, but you’ll never miss a good piece of dialogue you hear on your morning commute because you don’t have the proper notebook to write it in. What’s your creation philosophy? How do you let yourself play with writing and inspiration? What is your favorite way to track your days, tasks, dreams, and ideas?


Tomorrow – more on the notion of tracking in our modern era



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