Tools of the Trade

Marie Claire TypewriterWhat tools can’t you work without as a writer? Is it a yellow legal pad, your favorite notebook, a pen that writes just right? I once heard that Drake could only write his songs on BlackBerry phones so his “staff” (helpers? entourage?) kept a bunch of BlackBerrys at his disposal at all times, some not even in service, just so he could type comfortably and grab inspiration when it struck.

While I stick mostly to pen & paper or my laptop, I always imagine that writing on my own typewriter would be as glamorous as this picture from Marie Claire. I know that for me, my laptop is such a double edged sword when it comes to creating. I can get the words out so quickly since I’m part of the generation that took typing class in middle school, but I also know the world of distraction that lies at my fingertips. This had me thinking that maybe the writers of the past had it right. An Etsy search opened up a world of vintage, refurbished typewriter possibilities. I even found a few cursive ones that are just too cool!

Below find a few shops that sell some amazing typewriters. Let me know if you support a shop and send me your typewriter pictures at: And if anyone is looking for a present for me … this isn’t a bad idea!


All Picked 


Typewriters Corner

Happy typing!


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