Father Time 

I can hear his voice, a deep rich baritone reading Harry Potter to me. I can hear my own, editing for content appropriateness, reading David Sedaris to him. My father and I have always connected on the level of books. My vision of him will always be with a book in his hand, glasses perched on his nose, in his chair in the corner.

So it felt natural that for Father’s Day, my dad and I hit up some great NJ bookstores together. He instilled in me a love of the written word in all of its forms for as long as I can remember.

He loves to read just about anything and zips through books at lightening speed. He always has a recommendation or some insight. We always talk about what we are reading. I think I was the only girl at college who excitedly received Manila envelopes full of newspaper articles my father had saved for me in my mailbox.

It felt like the best way to spend a day celebrating him together. It celebrated this love he had instilled in me that we both share. It celebrated all he has taught me. A day spent together in a bookstore talking about the authors and the pages we love is the best ode to my father I could think of.

How did everyone else spend their Father’s Day? What books or stories do you remember your father sharing with you?

Here are some wonderful bookstores to check out if you are ever in northern NJ:

  • Old Book Shop – 4 John Street, Morristown, NJ
  • The Chatham Bookseller, Madison, NJ
  • Short Stories Community Book Hub, Madison, NJ

One thought on “Father Time 

  1. one of the best days i have spent in a long time, i am happy if i leave my kids little else but a love of books and curiosity and a desire to be creative and share their thoughts with others, therese was famous as a very young child for asking why to everything to the point of distraction and thank God that someone still asks why in this world, humbled and so lucky to be blessed by God to be your DAD, LOVE YOU

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