David Sedaris misspelled my name

IMG_3541We bought tickets to see him speak at Symphony Hall in Boston. It was a magical reading that ended far too soon for my liking. The best part though was the chance to meet him after the fact and have him sign my book, a copy of Barrel Fever that I love.

We waited nearly two hours as David took the time to engage in conversation with each person who approached him. It wasn’t a bit, you could tell. He was genuinely interested in sparking a conversation, laughing, making a connection. I was more nervous to meet him than I have been for nearly anything else in recent memory.

My brother Andrew first introduced me to David Sedaris on a Live From Carnegie Hall recording. I was young and impressionable and blown away. At that point in my young literary life, I genuinely didn’t know that writing like his existed. Humor and satire, fiction and non-fiction all blending and playing and pulsing together. One didn’t simple have to be a Poet with a capital ‘P’ or a Novelist with a capital ‘N.’ Writing could be truthful, hysterical, and heartbreaking all in the same breath. IMG_3542

I worked my way quickly through his works and his recordings. I’ve been hooked every since, so getting the chance to speak to him for even a few moments was a dream come true for me. We talked about my skirt, Fitbits, podcasts, and The Walking Dead. In the front of my book he drew a picture and misspelled my name. But I didn’t even mind.

I wish I had the chance to speak at great lengths with him, to pick his brain, to bring a copy of his works with me and question him further about them. For now, I’ll have to settle on building my own writing community and reading David’s words.

Here is a summery, Sedaris piece to help break up in this miserably hot weekend. Tell me your favorite of his works below!


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