After a brief hiatus …

Sometimes when life is a little upside down, we decide to dig into old projects,  like this blog, as a way to distract ourselves from what is really going on. After trying to push myself here, I fizzled out as the more difficult pieces of my life refused to be silenced. Life is still a little bit upside down, but moving forward now and I feel like the blog can to.

One book that has been getting me through the ups and downs of my current situation is milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. I picked it up in the poetry section of one of my favorite local bookstores, The Brookline Booksmith. I stood and read the entire collection cover to cover on the spot, then proceeded to reread it over and over again. My roommate found herself in tears when I suggest she read it too.

I don’t want to give away too much, I think it’s better experienced with fresh eyes, but trust me, It’s definitely worth checking out. Teaser below:


<< Fue cuando me detuve buscando el hogar dentro de otros y levantado los cimientos del hogar dentro de mí me encontré con que no había raíces más íntimas que las que existen entre una mente y un cuerpo que han decidido ser uno. #Kaur:


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